How can global B2B companies develop Taiwanese businesses via content marketing?

How can global B2B companies develop Taiwanese businesses via content marketing?

  • 2024-05-27

The stability of the Taiwanese economy has attracted numerous global companies to expand their business here. As the market becomes highly competitive, companies have turned to digital tools for help, to broaden their brand awareness and reputation, to attract their target audience, and to establish solid sales channels. Moreover, break into the Taiwan market successfully.

Utilizing Digital Tools for Global Communication

The wave of the digital era has influenced the world, and Taiwan is no exception. Traditional marketing and sales can rely on digital transformation to assist global companies in raising their visibility in Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region. Especially with Taiwan’s social media penetration rate exceeding 84% and Google search engine users in Taiwan reaching a market share of over 90%, effective digital marketing strategies and data-driven adjustments can increase the chance of attracting target audiences.

Harnessing Content Marketing to Build Brand Reputation

B2B purchasing processes are typically lengthy and complex, involving multiple decision-makers. B2B companies need to provide high-quality and professional content consistently to their target audience. Through deep communication, the audience can resonate with and trust the brand, thereby driving them to take business actions.

Key advantages of effective content marketing include:

  • Enhancing brand awareness

Utilizing various channels can help more people recognize and understand the brand, establishing a strong brand image.

  • Increasing customer loyalty: 

Providing valuable and professional content can build trust among customers, resulting in a loyal customer base.

  • Boosting word-of-mouth: 

Continuous interaction with the audience can maintain long-term engagement, leading to high customer loyalty and even proactive referrals to others, achieving the effect of word-of-mouth marketing.

  • Reducing advertising budget: 

Accumulating followers steadily over time can increase organic website traffic, thereby reducing marketing costs.

In summary, effective content marketing can bring about these four benefits, creating a comprehensive customer acquisition channel for the brand, deepening customer communication, and increasing opportunities to acquire new customers or re-engage existing ones.

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Creating TA-Oriented Content through Different Channels

There are many platforms for promotions nowadays. With the right media platform and high-quality content, there is no more distance from the success of business development! Here are some common media platforms and promotional methods for B2B companies in Taiwan:

Google SEO

People tend to click on natural search results rather than the top 3 keyword advertisements. Therefore, optimizing keywords and aligning articles with user search intent to improve rankings and secure a prominent position on Google’s homepage can bring steady organic traffic.

Long-term Management of Social Media

The most commonly used media platforms for Taiwanese B2B companies are Facebook and LinkedIn. These two have different tones and content can be tailored accordingly. Facebook is more lively and creative, and content can be presented in infographics and cheat sheets, while LinkedIn is composed of professionals and posts should be presented more seriously and professionally.

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EDM for One-to-One Communication

EDM marketing is also crucial, an effective EDM marketing can bring:

  • Acquiring more potential customers: 

Attracting subscribers to the EDM can generate more leads and expand business opportunities.

  • Generating recurring traffic: 

Regularly sending EDMs maintains a continuous dialogue with the audience and brings in recurring traffic for the brand.

  • Precisely understanding audience behavior: 

One-to-one observation of audience interaction and tracking of open rates and click-through rates can provide insights into individual audience behavior.

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