The pandemic has had a significant impact on traditional marketing strategy, businesses looking to explore overseas opportunities are facing
  • Limited number of leads

    Insufficient B2B leads generated, customer base growth stagnating

  • Lack of marketing ideas

    Expos had been the only source of leads and the dynamics that the digital markets bring neglected

  • Over reliant on sales

    Clients recognize salesman rather than company and if sales representatives leave, so do the clients

You may be used to this marketing model
  • Physical face-to-face meetings

    Your only channel of lead generation: get to know clients through expos and dealing face to face

  • Join memberships at trade associations and network platforms

    List your products and services on trade associations and B2B procurement platforms

Businesses around the globe have gone through digital transformation, are you keeping up?
LeadsGeek solutions precisely target potential customers around the globe

Making use of AI technology and platforms like LinkedIn, Google and EDMs, we have compiled a comprehensive leads database to engage with contacts from all over the world.

By utilising Smarketing and novel digital marketing tools, we have simplified complicated and difficult B2B purchasing decision process, overcoming barriers of overseas business expansion.

Marketing is like fish farming, understand the fundamentals and you can produce big and healthy fish with ease.
  • Select target audience type

    Using a bigger net doesn't guarantee catching the right fish. LeadsGeek design and customise solutions to precisely target the right audience, increasing efficiency and effectiveness in business development while reducing time and cost.

  • Digital marketing strategy formulation

    To ensure the health of your fish, your fish farm environment needs to be set accordingly, including their feeds. LeadsGeek designs and tests customised marketing material to produce the right 'feed' to your target audiences, getting stragiht to the point and saving you time and cost.

  • Reach out to your target audience

    Picking the right feeds and fish types are keys to success. LeadsGeek will work with you to find your target audience quickly and accurately, raising your brand awareness and market share.

  • Regular retargeting

    Gaining experiences and skills in fish farming allowing your marketing and sales representatives to catch fish effortlessly and produce a stable and growing supply chain. LeadsGeek is your one-stop Smarketing solution provider, helping you cotinuously gain new business opportunities and customers.

Through LeadsGeek solutions, engage and expand with the key personnels and similar profiles, precisely uncover your potential customers.
Five keys to successful marketing
  • LeadsGeek Solutions

    • First in Taiwan in global lead generation, providing you with precise leads contact details in the comfort of your office.
    • Design and customise cold lead email according to target audience expanding new dimensions of marketing.
  • Global SEO

    • First in Taiwan that guarantees SEO ranking, ensuring your homepage tops Google SERP
  • Multilingual Website Building

    • First in Taiwan to provide the complete package of Chinese and English copywriting and editing as well as website hosting design and technical setup.
    • Our websites are tailored to specifically target regions to meet local user tendencies and preferences.
  • LinkedIn Page Management and Ads

    • First in Taiwan to be an authorised agent for LinkedIn, providing backup and support for all your advertising campaigns.
    • Management of LinkedIn Company Page including regular posts, marketing on LinkedIn and budget allocation to increase views and exposure to global working professionals.
  • LinkedIn Corporate Training

    • First in Taiwan to be complete with comprehensive LinkedIn marketing foundamental theory and practical exercises.
    • Designed for B2B businesses looking to implement digital transformation.
Trusted by
  • Leads Source

    We have developed our own system, collecting trade information and procurement database from around the world complemented with billions of contact details of working professionals from LinkedIn.
  • Does anyone else provide this service?

    No, we are the only authorised agency for LinkedIn in Taiwan, equipped with support and services direct from LinkedIn.
  • Can I purchase just the system alone?

    Yes, but currently there is no free trial, you can book a consultation and tutorial to see if this the right tool for you.
  • How much does it cost?

    Our plans are all customised, pricing is dependent on industry type, difficulty, number of leads, target market and various other factors. There is also a fixed annual service fee.
  • How is the result?

    Open rate, click rate and conversion rate varies depending on the industry, hence difficult to be represented by a single figure. Currently, we have over 90% satisfactory score with our clients.
  • What if result is not up to expectations?

    We are dedicated to improving your marketing effiency! We utilised a multitide of channels to collect data, cross analysed with AI softwares and extracted precise leads information, to achieve your marketing goal effectively and efficiently. We are also here to answer any questions you may have in relation to your marketing needs.
  • How's your English ability? My business uses a number of industry specific terms and jargons, how would this be affected?

    We are a rare breed in the industry in that we are proficient in both English and Mandarin editorial and marketing capabilities. Feel free to leave your contact details and we can provide you with examples of our work. If you have concerns, please provide us with your industry specific terms and our editorial team can discuss this with you.
  • Is my business data secure?

    All the information provided about your company will be stored securely and only utilised as authorised by you.

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