4 key points in cold email lead generation

4 key points in cold email lead generation

  • 2023-01-05

Master the 4 key points of cold email lead generation

4 key points in cold email lead generation

There are a number of ways when it comes to lead generation, such as over phone, face to face meetings and emails, each with their own benefits.  Considering cost and ease, email marketing remains the most widely used method of business engagement and this includes using emails to promote and shape business branding, letting your potential clients get to know you before they meet you.  Therefore, creating an effective cold lead email is key to marketing in the digital age.  This post will take you through the four main considerations with cold email lead generation.

1. Subject line

The first key step is creating an attention grabbing subject line to attract recipients into opening your email, below are four steps to writing a good subject line:

  • Keep number of words within 15 – allow recipients to quickly get an idea of your email
  • Pinpoint the pain points of recipients – focus on something the recipients really care about, for example, if the recipient is promoting sustainability, the subject line can include keywords such as recycled and reusable
  • Include recipient names in the subject line – research has shown that open rates are higher with recipients’ names in the subject lines
  • Avoid ‘spam words’ – certain words such as price, sales, money and promotional keywords have a tendency to be classified as spam by email systems and hence greatly reducing the performance of your emails

2. Copywriting: EDM content

Similar to the subject line, take the perspectives of the recipients when drafting the content of the email to give readers something they will be interested in.  The email message can be divided into three main sections:

Section 1: Value proposition

Start with a theme of interest to gain attention and highlight your features and specialties

Section 2: Products and services description

Target the needs and pain points of the recipients when describing your products and services, and make use of pictures to design a message that is concise and easy to read

Section 3: Wrap it up with a CTA

Summarize and end with a clear CTA for recipients to act on

EDM sample, essence of products

3. CTA

CTA at the end of your message allows recipients something to act or click on that leads to your website further detailing the products and services as described in section 2 of your message.  Tracking codes can be embedded in the pages to allow tracking and monitoring of performance of your email marketing.  Apart from CTA leading to websites, it can also be designed as an invitation to a meeting.

4. Pictures

As the saying goes, pictures speak louder than words, complement your message with design, your company colour palettes and pictures of your products and services to leave a lasting impression on your recipients.

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