First steps for businesses looking to expand overseas

First steps for businesses looking to expand overseas

  • 2022-12-20

What is the most effective way for businesses looking to expand overseas

First steps for businesses looking to expand overseas

It is essential for sales and business development to be equipped with adequate resources for overseas expansion.  Recently there has been a shift in trade model from offline to online and further expedited by the pandemic, making use of online resources for business development and marketing has become inevitable.

Planning your overseas expansion strategy

Before expanding overseas, you will need a complete and detailed operational strategy and thorough analysis of the target market is essential, this includes if there are sufficient leads in the market to allow planning for resources, sales and marketing allocation.

How to plan overseas expansion strategy

Overseas clients leads generation

Past methods of leads generation are usually limited to:

  1. Expo attendance
  2. Online search of corporate names and contact details
  3. Purchase leads list

These are generally not only costly and time consuming, the leads obtained may also lack precision, the results are far from effective.

Getting precise leads is key to effective leads generation.  Through LinkedIn, you can generate accurate leads with better efficiency and at lower cost.

picking the right client is key to effective business development

Making the first impression count, set the tone with EDM

Once you have obtained your leads list, you will need to take the next step and make contact with them.  Make use of EDM with eye catching design and intriguing content to leave a lasting first impression with the key decision makers.

Make an impression without being pestering

Corporates and clients relationships take time to build and maintain and not all business engagements result in a deal.  Often, novices make the mistakes of ineffective communication and fall out of favor with clients.  Take advantage of EDM marketing features to overcome some of the common communication barriers.  Unlike cold lead email marketing, EDMs is considered digital asset advertising and aimed at increasing brand awareness as well as leaving an impression.

Let potential clients get to know you through EDM

Increase business development efficiency with effective planning of EDMs

Not only do we need to proofread EDMs for overseas business expansion, it is also vital to have a strategic plan and understand the pain points of the industries.

Plan the distribution of your EDMs so that it focuses on what you want to promote such as product and services benefits and features.  Track the performance of your EDMs – open rate, click rate, unsubscribe and bounce rate, and use these metrics to further optimize your subsequent EDMs.

EDM marketing results take time to show effectiveness and requires sustained distribution of EDMs.

A good EDM goes beyond just good copywriting

LinkedIn leads generation and EDM marketing management

LeadsGeek’s market exclusive lead generation technique is the first in the industry in Taiwan.  We specialize in helping businesses uncover potential overseas clients through the use of our AI technology and unique database.