B2B platform guide: LinkedIn marketing and management

B2B platform guide: LinkedIn marketing and management

  • 2022-09-20

Best B2B platform, precise leads generation with LinkedIn marketing and management

B2B platform guide: LinkedIn marketing and management

As digital technology advances, business models must evolve at the same time and so should business opportunity expansion.  The pandemic showed us the difficulties in face to face meetings and physical expo attendance, this has had a significant effect on businesses worldwide and exemplifies the need for businesses to speed up digital transformation.  Social media platforms have become the go-to place for social interactions and this includes B2B engagements as well as brand image building and exposure.  In particular, LinkedIn is widely used by business professionals due to the content and nature of this social media platform.  With the rapid growing number of users in Taiwan and worldwide, businesses are thinking ahead and making the most of the opportunities digital tools such as LinkedIn present.

What is LinkedIn? How to manage the largest B2B social media platform

LinkedIn is the largest B2B platform with over 8 billion users and spanning over 200 countries.  As well as job seeking and recruitment, LinkedIn is also the ideal platform for corporates to promote their brand image as well as business opportunity expansion, hence all businesses should have their own LinkedIn page and actively manage it.

LinkedIn management – let your brand be known

Follow three simple steps to quickly set up your LinkedIn Company Page, set social media goals and content management:

1. Set up your LinkedIn Company Page

First of all, you will need a personal LinkedIn account to set up a company account.  On the top right hand corner of the LinkedIn homepage click ‘Work’, scroll down to the bottom and click ‘Create a Company Page +’.

Your LinkedIn Company Page is like the front entrance of your company, so it is important to be as detailed as you can regarding your company information, such as your company name in Chinese and English, website and brief, this is the first impression for your page visitors.

LinkedIn management first step: create Company page

LinkedIn management second step: complete your company details

2. Build your content

There are various goals in setting up a LinkedIn Company Page, including business expansion and brand awareness, so it is essential to define a clear goal to focus on and set your strategy accordingly.  The results and performance should be reviewed periodically to ensure you maintain an effective and efficient management strategy, refer to the following steps:

  1. Familiarize recent industry current affairs and focus points
  2. Integrate your business vision with current affairs to resonate with viewers
  3. Stay active and post regularly

3. LinkedIn content planning

Unlike other social media, which target entertainment and 2C promotions, LinkedIn users are predominantly working professionals and you need to create content that can catch their attention, such as industry specific knowledge and insights.

1. In-depth content

Contents of your post should stimulate interest and thinking, such as trends, current affairs and case analysis.

2. Diverse

Increase visual appeal, make your posts more dynamic by including pictures and videos to catch attention.  Research indicates that video posts gain three times more impression than words, however, video length is recommended to be within 15 seconds as viewers attention usually spans the first 10 seconds.

3. Use of hashtags to encourage engagement

Hashtags can help viewers quickly find your post, it is recommended to have 3-5 hashtags.  Other types of posts such as polling can also increase engagement with viewers and thereby increase brand awareness.

4. Multiple perspectives

The same thing looked at from other perspectives can be completely different.  Each viewer has a different perspective, so including different perspectives better resonate with a variety of viewers.

LinkedIn marketing, find your potential customers

Make use of marketing on LinkedIn to find your potential customers

Build your brand image and allow potential partners, employees and clients to get to know you with LinkedIn Company Page.  For businesses looking for overseas expansion, this is a must.

Proper management of your LinkedIn Company Page allows your business to be seen, increase exposure and attract customers.  Further, you can utilize the vast resource of precise filtering and contact information on the platform to search for potential leads, greatly reducing time and cost with overseas leads generation.  These are just some of the many reasons why LinkedIn is the top B2B platform and especially for budget limited businesses, LinkedIn is a marketing strategy that cannot be missed.

LinkedIn leads generation and EDM marketing management

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