LinkedIn marketing fundamentals: build brand image and increase exposure to potential clients

LinkedIn marketing fundamentals: build brand image and increase exposure to potential clients

  • 2022-09-05

LinkedIn marketing

LinkedIn marketing fundamentals: build brand image and increase exposure to potential clients

The pandemic has significantly shaped how businesses grow and expand. Post pandemic, the traditional ways of attending expos and cold leads generation methods will not be able to keep up with the continuously evolving business models. Allow LeadsGeek to introduce to you how through the largest professional business network you can successfully build your franchise image branding.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the largest business network with over 800 million users across over 200 countries. Different from Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is designed for professionals to find jobs, strengthen business relations as well as training and development. These make LinkedIn the ideal digital platform for businesses to build and promote their image and branding, thereby increasing exposure to your potential clients, making LinkedIn the perfect channel for international marketing.

Marketing strategy and business expansion on LinkedIn

Professional contents, accurate contacts and platform trustworthiness are some of the main advantages of conducting marketing and business expansion on LinkedIn. Due to the nature of the platform, users are generally working professionals, so from a B2B perspective, publishing and promoting materials on LinkedIn prove to be successful in helping businesses increase exposure to their target audiences. As key decision makers make up 45% of LinkedIn users, posting on LinkedIn reaches these keymen more effectively than other channels.
LinkedIn is also ranked the most trusted social media for five years in a row in the US Digital Trust Survey published by Insider Intelligence, further enhancing user confidence in the content published on the platform.

LinkedIn is the most trusted social media platformed

Step 1: Create your Company Page

Be as comprehensive as possible in completing your Company Page, including introduction, website, vision, slogan, products and services, etc. First impressions are often lasting and these details are where you leave an impression for your page visitors. Pictures speak louder than words, hence on top of detailed description of your company, it is essential to upload profile and banner photos to your Company Page to inspire your page visitors.

Step 2: LinkedIn engagement management principles

Once your company page is set up, it is time to start posting. It is vital to post regularly to maintain engagement of viewers. Unlike other social media platforms, which are designed for entertainment, LinkedIn is mainly for sharing of work related and business information, hence the contents of which shall be of a professional nature. Simply put, professional advisories, white papers, industry trends and insights, event, training and development courses are examples of great post materials. You can also post contents aimed at your target audiences, such as if your targeted audience are data analysts, posting data related content are more likely to attract their attention.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn page management is not about driving sales and conversion, but assisting in these metrics by building brand awareness and increasing exposure to potential clients, allowing them to see and understand what your company is about.

what are people using linkedin for

Step 3: LinkedIn sales plan and digital marketing

LinkedIn search filtering allows precise targeting of ad campaigns and lead generation

All the contents you have posted shall be considered your digital assets and in the realm of brand image building and digital marketing, these are fundamental to your success. The next step is presenting these assets to your potential client – this can be done through LinkedIn Ads. With LinkedIn Ads, you can reach your targeted audiences through a thorough criteria selection, defining your target audience persona and complemented with different delivering methods.

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